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What are the advantages of Tilt and Turn Windows?

Tilt and turn windows are versatile, yet remain smart and simple, with a style ideally suited to modern homes. Turn the handle of the tilt windows once and its top opens slightly inward to let in air. Turn it again and it opens inward from side hinges to make its outside surface easy to reach and clean. Double glazing benefits your property in many ways. The double glazed windows will keep your home warmer and more secure that their single glazed alternatives, whilst also helping you to keep out unwanted noise.

How do these Tile and Turn Windows work?

Turn the handle of our tilt windows once to open the top marginally, in order that it can provide ventilation to the property, whilst the window also remains secure. Twist the handle again and the window will swing inwardly on its side hinges in order that you can clean the window from inside the property, eliminating the need for ladders or a window cleaner.

How will the Tilt Windows arrive?

The timber subframe is a vital part of our system and gives increased sound and thermal insulation over and above systems without a subframe, for this reason we do not offer a system without the subframe which we think are substandard.

How will these Tilt and Turn Windows improve my home environment?

Poor ventilation can compromise your health, while irregular or inadequate ventilation can lead to damage caused by moisture. In the long term, this could pose a threat to the structure of the building, and also to the health of those inside it. Since warm air rises, the best place to open a window or door for ventilation is near the top. The tilt + turn design will allow the window to be tilted in, with an opening at the top intended to draw warm air out, therefore causing fresh air to flow in from the sides, but without creating a draft. Because of the natural flow of warm and cool air, this method of circulation take place even if there is no other windows open, and even if there is no wind.

Are these windows safe and easy to use?

These tilt windows are reinforced with galvanized steel. When the window is tilted open, the windows allow ventilation without granting entry to potential intruders.
Just turn the handle up and tilt the sash inwards for comfortable, draft-free ventilation.
Turn the handle sideways and swing the sash open for easy cleaning and emergency exit.
Turn the handle down and engage the locking mechanism to seal out the wind, rain and noise.
PVC-U exhibits excellent fire behaviour and does not burn once the source of heat or flame has been removed.

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