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What are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold Doors are often also called Folding Doors. These doors can fold either in or out to open up any space with in your home environment. Bifold Doors when used with in the interior of a property are most commonly useful for smaller spaces, such as cubby holes, closets or cupboards. Bifold Doors can also be used to facilitate access to outside areas such as a garden or patio, where the doors open to connect the interior to the exterior of your home.

Are these Bi-Fold Doors safe and easy to use?

Both exterior and interior Bifold Doors are very easy to use, with a tracking system running along the panels ensuring smoothness of operation. Bifold doors are available in a range of designs to fulfill the needs of most potential customers. Due to the demands encountered by doors that are to be used externally, we make sure that the doors are tough enough to endure all weather conditions, and apply to British Regulations regarding insulation, weather ratings, safety and security.

How do these Bi-Fold Doors work?

Bifold door panels are usually interconnected along a train, and can be joined together in a number of different configurations. Bifold Doors are traditionally designed to come in pairs, where two doors fold to one side, or often four doors that split into two pairs of doors, where each pair of doors fold back, one pair to either side. A greater number of doors can be included in the system. The term Bifold is used loosely and Bifold Doors can usually be manufactured to provide any number of doors, odd or even, which is why Bifold Doors are often also known as MultiFold Door. Where an odd number of doors are used, a swing door may be implemented to facilitate the clearance of the door system from the opening.

What are the benefits of Bi-Fold Doors over say, Patio Doors, or French Doors?

Bifold doors can be opened fully, partially, or can be kept totally closed. Exterior Bifold Doors also allow natural light to enter the room, and can be used to make a room look larger and more spacious. Bifold Doors are ideal for connecting living rooms, entertainment areas, gardens and patios and can be custom designed to meet individual tastes and specifications. They can also be used in commercial application such as restaurants and offices as partitions, whilst also retaining the ability to create space almost immediately should it be necessary.

What options can I choose relating to these Bi-Fold Doors?

These doors come complete with track and fittings, and can be manufactured so that they open either inwards or outwards. Bifold Doors can also incorporate left or right hand opening systems. A range of different style and colour options are available for Bifold Doors, and so individuals can choose their doors to match the style of their home. Doors can be glazed with a variety of glass options, depending on individual taste, though the most common is clear double glazed float glass.

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