Interior Glass Doors (Part 2)

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What kind of glass is used in these glass doors?

The glass used in these doors is 8mm toughened safety glass. The glass doors adhere to Brtish Standard BS6206 class A, the highest grade available. This glass is also sometimes called tempered glass, tempered safety glass, strengthened glass or toughened glass. It is 5 – 7 times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. Unlike other glass doors on the market we use quality Pilkington glass* (Pilkington glass not available with Chinchilla pattern).

What will happen if I break one of these glass doors?

In the unlikely event of a breakage, our glass doors will shatter into tiny harmless pieces.

What is the maximum size I can buy these doors in?

The maximum size is 1000mm x 2000mm, though larger can be made available by special request.

Are the edges sharp or dangerous?

No, all edges are polished

How does the hardware fit to the door?

The door is pre-drilled for the hardware We also use quality hardware and fittings sourced from Italy (Renown within the glass trade as specialists in hardware). We do not use Chinese glass or hardware. Brushed Aluminium Handles, Latchset, hinges and keep are included as standard.

Are these doors fire rated?

No. We do not offer fire rated glass doors. Our glass doors are not fire rated.

Can these doors be locked?

Key locking is available at extra cost

Where do you deliver these glass doors?

We deliver to anywhere in the mainland United Kingdom

Do I need a special door frame in order to install these glass doors?

Our interior glass doors fit into your existing door surround with no special frame (door casing) required.

Do you offer sliding glass doors?

Yes. We now also offer Sliding Interior Glass Doors - Click Here for prices

What styles/patterns is the glass available in?

These glass doors are available in a range of glass patterns:-

Clear Glass, for a clean modern look, ideal for the kitchen or reception areas

Bronze glass, for a luxurious modern look great for the lounge or dining room

Chinchilla patterned glass, for privacy in rooms such as a study or offices

Satin Glass, (sandblasted/etched/frosted glass) finished with an easyclean finish, giving a full degree of privacy for bathrooms, en-suites and toilets.

Chinchilla Bronze

How do I measure for my glass doors?

For single glass door;
For the width of your glass door measure from rebate to rebate, and deduct 6mm from the measurement, i.e;
Width (rebate to rebate) = 762mm - 6mm = 756mm, this would be your glass door width.

For double glass doors;
For the width of your glass doors measure from rebate to rebate, and deduct 9mm from the measurement,
width - rebate to rebate = 1498mm - 9mm = 1489mm, this would be your double glass door width .We then half this measurement, (744.5mm) which gives us the size of each door. However because we cannot manufacture to 0.5 of a mm each door size rounded down to the nearest mm. So each door size would be 744mm and the double door size would be 1488mm.

To measure your height:
For the height of your glass door, measure from rebate to finished floor level. ie; carpet, laminate, tiles, etc. as shown above and deduct 10mm from the measurement
height (rebate to finished floor level) = 1982mm - 10mm = 1972mm, this would be your glass door height.

These are our recommended measuring instructions and are intended TO BE USED AS GUIDANCE ONLY.

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